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Mobile Telecoms

PCS has built up extensive experience and expertise in the mobile telecoms sector over the last decade. 

Our surveyor teams are fully trained and equipped for working at height, RF, network provider accredited and approved, 

PCS are the key Tier One asbestos consultant for major mobile broadband network operators,  providing services both direct to network operators and their agents, and also for SWCs  etc. as required. PCS are experienced at negotiating site access and complying with SP access procedures. 

Technical asbestos survey reports are added to mobile network operator shared IT systems and also to  the PCS Risk Manager secure portal for access by network operators, their designers, vendors, SWCs, etc.

Project and maintenance asbestos surveys to:

  • Roof top installations, 
  • Engineer and power access routes, 
  • Greenfield sites/ structures; and 
  • Streetworks sites.

PCS also provides:

  • PCS Risk Manager access available to all network operators (designers, SWCs, etc) for project design, planning and RAMS preparation. 
  • PCS Risk Manager apps - iOS and Android mobile app access for on site risk assessment review by engineers when accessing sites.
  • Efficient and cost effective organisation of asbestos repair or removal works where required to ensure safe access or site activities.
  • Fast response surveyor attendance for network outages, streetworks ACM strikes, incidents, etc.
  • Our team has an excellent working knowledge of mobile network operators processes and procedures, and have day to day working connectivity with projects teams, SWCs, specialist advisors and suppliers. 
  • Expert asbestos related help and advice provided by highly experienced and qualified industry professionals. 
  • Online Asbestos Awareness Training - free access to all network operator suppliers