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Asbestos Reinspections

Since the publication of the Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations (CAWR) in 2002, there has been a requirement for organisations/duty holders to manage the risk from asbestos on their premises and develop a plan to show where the asbestos containing material (ACM) is located and how it will be managed. 

It is acknowledged that any identified or suspected ACM must be inspected and its condition assessed periodically, to check that it has not deteriorated or been damaged.

  • The guidance states that as a minimum ACM's within a premises should be checked every twelve months

  • Typically for our larger customers we organise a 12 month rolling condition re-inspection programme

  • Where our condition re-inspection programme identifies areas of more significant risk we will  highlight this to our customer and recommend suitable risk reduction actions. 

Since August 2015, PCS Asbestos Consultants has been accredited to undertake Re-inspections in accordance with the guidance within Appendix 5 of HSG 227 (2004).  

PCS are UKAS accredited as an Inspection Body (Accreditation No. 4535) to undertake Re-inspections to residential and commercial properties.  Our schedule of accreditation can be viewed on the UKAS website http://www.ukas.com/wp-content/uploads/schedule_uploads/00012/4535Inspection%20Body%20Single.pdf