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Asbestos Removal Projects

When the HSG264 asbestos survey or re-inspection visit identifies that ACMs are in a poor or damaged condition then the ACMs will need to be either encapsulated or removed.

These remediation activities are undertaken by specialist HSE licensed asbestos removal contractors with the inspection, certification and re-occupation process being carried out by an independent UKAS accredited testing laboratory.

As part of this remediation process, PCS Asbestos Consultants Limited will co-ordinate the project by:

  • Providing guidance to the customer on the necessary scope of the remediation work to be undertaken
  • Obtaining competitive prices from HSE licensed asbestos removal contractors
  • Liaising with the the licensed asbestos removal contractor and the UKAS accredited testing laboratory to ensure the work is performed efficiently and with the minimum of disturbance to the client's business
  • Organising an appropriate UKAS accredited analyst to conduct the 4 stage clearance process and issue the Certificate of Re-occupation.

Upon completion of the works PCS Asbestos Consultants Limited will issue a post removal report through PCS Asbestos Risk Manager to update the customer's asbestos records to reflect the remedial work carried out on the premises.

Controlling Costs

  • Firstly, consider a management action i.e. no cost solution to reduce the asbestos risk.
  • Where remedial works are needed review of scope of work using our industry expertise and knowledge
  • Transparent quotation process for approved remedial works
  • Justification for cost escalation to protect customers from spurious claims or cost over-runs.
  • Looking after customers commercial interests - PCS Asbestos Consultants Limited are Independent of contractors

Project Liaison

  • Assist customers in project planning and prioritisation
  • Integral part of customers project planning team
  • Co-ordinating contractors and UKAS testing laboratories
  • One point of contact
  • Minimising business disruption
  • Collate and review technical and commercial documentation and provide post removal works report.