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Local Government

The Local Government sector has varied compliance requirements in relation to asbestos because of the varied nature of their property portfolios, which may include:-

  • Residential
  • Offices
  • Depots
  • School and Colleges
  • Laboratory Facilities

As a consultant we assist our clients with their day to day compliance with Regulation 4 “The Duty to Manage” of the Control of Asbestos Regulations (CAR 2012). This element of the contracts involves carrying out planned and programmed Management and Re-inspections surveys across large numbers of properties.

Our client’s requirements generally encompass all aspects of asbestos risk management including:-

  • Management, Refurbishment & Demolition Surveys
  • Annual reinspections of retained Asbestos Containing Materials
  • Provision of PCS Risk Manager, our online asbestos register
  • Asbestos Awareness Training
  • Commercial Project Organisation