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Our Team

Paul Kelly BA (Hons) - Chief Executive Officer

Paul has been a director of PCS since 2010 and has over 15 years’ experience in the asbestos consulting field.

As CEO he has the responsibility to lead the PCS team and continue to deliver further sustainable business growth.

Paul's vision is for PCS to be the UKs 'go to' provider for asbestos risk management services. He believes this can only be achieved by providing excellent customer service, cutting edge technology solutions, and by always taking the long-term partnership approach.

He has been instrumental in developing and maintaining successful long term client relationships, and PCS are trusted with the ongoing management of some of the largest property portfolios in the UK.

E-mail: [email protected]

Matthew Helks BSc (Hons), CoCA - Chief Operating Officer

Matthew has also been a director of PCS since 2010 and has over 23 years’ experience in the asbestos risk management industry.

He is responsible for the company's UKAS Inspection Accreditation and ensuring services are provided to the required standards.

Matthew also fulfils the Technical Manager role which has overall responsibility for all technical operations, the provision of specialist asbestos risk management advice, and technically overseeing the project and surveying teams.

Matthew is also responsible for ongoing technology developments and innovation, including PCS Risk Manager client web portal, the companies IT infrastructure systems, and data security.

Matthew holds a BOHS Certificate of Competency in Asbestos.

E-mail: [email protected]

Stephen Hoare - Operations Director

Steve joined the PCS team as Operations Manager in 2017 and became Operations Director in 2019.

He is responsible for all aspects of operational service delivery and management of the operations team.

Steve has successfully managed both the human resource recruitment and retention since he joined the company.

His operational expertise and inter-personal management skills, although developed in another sector, have been key in enabling the growth of the company in recent years. Steve manages all aspects of the non-technical operations including surveyor teams, the back-office operations team, and oversees service delivery.

Email: [email protected]

Sally Rhodes BSc (Hons), CoCA - Quality Manager

Sally has managed UKAS quality systems and accreditation successfully since 1987, and has considerable experience ensuring quality systems and accreditations are successfully maintained.

Sally is responsible for implementing and managing the company quality systems.

Sally holds a BOHS Certificate of Competency in Asbestos.

Sally is also a Non-Executive Director.

Email: [email protected]

Sam Farrar BSc (Hons) - Business Analyst

Sam joined PCS in 2019 as a graduate having studied Economics at Warwick University. Initially working as part of the commercial team managing mobile telecoms infrastructure related survey programmes, Sam was given additional responsibilities in relation to business process mapping, data management and implementation of MS Power Bi internal workflow reporting systems. His workload is split between commercial project management for clients and business analysis and reporting for senior management.

Email: [email protected]

Garry Steadman - Technical Training Manager

Garry has over 20 years of asbestos surveying and analyst experience and has extensive practical knowledge of asbestos usage in buildings. He is also a senior surveyor.

Garry plays a key role in the training, auditing and development of our surveying team.

Mark Tulley - Reports Team Co-ordinator

Mark has over 10 years’ experience of technical report quality review, assessment of what recommendations to make for asbestos-containing materials that require sealing or removal, and preparation of complex reporting for large projects. Mark also co-ordinates workload priority to ensure efficient service delivery.

Simon Farrar BSc (Hons), CoCA - Non-Executive Director

Simon has been in the asbestos consulting field since 1987. He has set up, developed and owned leading asbestos consultancy businesses in the UK. Having sold his previous asbestos consultancy business to private equity in 2005, he exited the sector in 2007 to focus on property related interests. In 2009 Simon assisted Paul Kelly and Matthew Helks in setting up PCS Asbestos Consultants Ltd providing initial investment capital and early-stage business development support.

Simon holds a BOHS Certificate of Competency in Asbestos.

Email: [email protected]

John Lyon C.A. - Non-Executive Director

John has over 45 years’ experience in both corporate and the private sector. John is a Chartered Accountant.

John provided advice and support during the setting up of PCS and took the role of Non-Executive Director in the business. John oversees the company finances and provides general business support to the Executive team as required.

John became a Non-Executive Director in 2016.

Email: [email protected]

Field Team

Our surveyors have an average 10 years practical asbestos surveying and consulting experience, and hold as a minimum the BOHS P402 and are experienced in working in UKAS Inspection Bodies.

Senior field staff are also Certified Asbestos Professionals qualified to BOHS CoCA standard and BOHS P405

PCS Asbestos Consultants Limited are UKAS Accredited for Inspection (Accreditation Number No. 4535) to undertake Re inspections, Management, Refurbishment and Demolition Asbestos Surveys in accordance with HSG 264 within the Domestic and Commercial sectors.

Current Vacancies

Qualified and experienced asbestos surveyors

As a business we are always looking for Surveyors and Consultants with the skills, experience and approach that will complement our team and enable us to make a positive difference to the way we work.

If you would like to apply for a position, please send an email explaining your interest, with your CV to: [email protected]