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PCS Risk Manager

PCS Asbestos Risk Manager portal provides the UKs leading total asbestos risk management solution.

It is designed to disseminate the latest asbestos information to both property professionals planning projects and operatives attending site for maintenance works either via help desk access, or on-site access using an 'App' from a smart phone or tablet. 

Access to data and reports by all users is date and time recorded providing robust and auditable record that can help protect out customers against third party claims and legal actions.

PCS Asbestos Risk Manager provides customers with timely feedback and control of their asbestos risk management with client's higher levels of access including:

  • Access to data and reports for each property (as per basic access levels)
  • Compliance dashboard and dynamic high level overview reports
  • Risk analysis tools and reports
  • Action lists and compliance status reports
  • Property grouping tools and reports
  • Financial report
  • Project management section with document sharing

We have a clear policy that asbestos data is always the customer's property. We have designed into PCS Asbestos Risk Manager a facility for a customer to download at will their data for back up and disaster planning.

The PCS Asbestos Risk Manager portal is based upon a Microsoft SQL platform and is sufficiently resilient and scalable to cope with the demands of the very largest property portfolios. The system has been engineered from scratch and incorporates features essential for the larger property portfolio.

Key features include:

  • Robust data integrity and audit trail features.
  • 24/7 web access to those at risk.
  • Multi-level access and functionality depending on the user status.
  • Clear and user friendly access and functionality.
  • Transferability of properties between client estates (acquisitions and disposals).
  • ‘Transfer in’ data migration capability from other data pools.
  • Secure access to the site to banking level security standards.

Interactive Drawings

  • For all surveys completed since the start of 2016 we are now preparing 'Interactive Drawings'
  • Interactive drawings simplify the dissemination of the asbestos information to those at risk
  • The end users by clicking on the room or location on the plan can instantly obtain information from the Asbestos Register 

PCS Risk Manager Client App

The PCS Risk Manager App disseminates asbestos information to PCS Asbestos Consultants registered client users.  Key features:-

  • The GPS location identifier will prompt the user to view the asbestos data as he/she approaches the site they are about to access and will send a notification to their phone
  • The property list displays the closest properties to the user 
  • Interactive drawings provide a more intuitive method for the user to access the asbestos data and ensures that a technical document does not have to be reviewed.
  • The asbestos register displays to the user all the rooms and areas that have been surveyed
  • Report an issue" function allows the user to send a picture of an issue and message to the PCS technical team with any asbestos queries therefore speeding up communication

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