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Which Asbestos Survey is Right For You?

There are 4 survey types available through us -

Management Survey :

  • The purpose of this survey is to inspect all accessible areas and sample any suspect materials during normal occupation and use of the property. 
  • The aim is to maintain Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM's) remain in a good condition. 
  • This survey type is non destructive and therefore will not cause major damage to a property.

Refurbishment Survey:

  • This survey is used when a building, or part of it, is to be upgraded and/or refurbished. It may also be necessary when intrusive maintenance or repair work is required. 
  • All asbestos will be located as far as reasonably possible and therefore the inspection is destructive so any potentially harmful materials can be found in otherwise inaccessible areas such as a wall cavity. 
  • This survey must be undertaken before any refurbishment commences on site. 
  • A Management/Refurbishment survey is used when a section of the building is being upgraded and the rest of the property needs to be managed and maintained as outlined above.

Demolition Survey: 

  • This survey is self explanatory in that when a building, or part of it in the case of a Demolition/Refurbishment Survey, is being demolished a highly destructive inspection is undertaken to find all possible ACM's in the area. 
  • This survey must be undertaken before any demolition commences on site.

Reinspection Survey:

  • Any identified or suspected ACM's from previous surveys are to be inspected and assessed periodically (every 12 months)
  • Where our reinspection programme identifies areas of more significant risk we will highlight this to our customer and recommend suitable risk reduction actions.

If you require any of these surveys you can get a quote by sending your name, email, phone number, survey location/property address, required survey type and any further building information (e.g. floor plans) to: 

PCS are UKAS accredited as an Inspection Body (Accreditation No. 4535) to undertake Management, Refurbishment, Demolition and Reinspection Surveys to residential and commercial properties.  Our schedule of accreditation can be viewed on the UKAS website:

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